October 27, 2010

Zink replaces M5 at Southpark

One of the first restaurants I fell in love with in Charlotte was Zink. I loved the silent black & white films projected onto the red velvety curtains, the giant mirrors that made the place feel bigger yet somehow more intimate, the sweeping staircase in dark mahogany, and the 50s-era tiled floor of the bar. I loved the chef's Valentine's Day menu, featuring flavors from around the world adapted into comfort food, and I loved that we could have a 3-course dinner for two and a bottle of wine for under $100.

I also loved the recently replaced M5. Harper's Restaurant Group has added some talent to Charlotte's restaurant scene, and I really hope M5 will make a comeback as soon as the economy straightens out. Since I hope a lot of things make a comeback along with the economy and I've been hoping for a while, I don't imagine we'll be fortunate enough to get the duck and shallot flatbread, the PEI mussels in chorizo and garlic sauce, or the blue cheese croquettes that inspired these little bits of heaven any time soon.

Zink's new Southpark location has brought quite a few changes to their dining experience, and the atmosphere and decor has become unfortunately IKEA-esque, but the service is still good and the concept is strong. I do plan to give Zink's reincarnation a second chance, though, since they took my comment card seriously enough to send me a gift card in the mail with some menu suggestions.

I strongly recommend their fish entrees, cheese platters with local honey, and anything featured as a special, since they tend to give specials their undivided attention. Give them a try and see what you think.

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